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VH2O2 Enzyme Indicators Protak

Enzyme indicators for monitoring VH2O2 bio-decontamination

BRAND: Protak Scientific


Enzyme Indicators (EIs) are a major step forward in measuring the performance or efficacy of bio-decontamination cycles with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2). It is an alternative technology to biological indicators that offers greater safety, speed, and profitability.

The indicator is based on an enzyme, thermostable Adenilate Kinase (tAK), which has a high tolerance to high temperatures and/or oxidizing chemical agents that would quickly inactivate most proteins. This enzyme has a predictable inactivation pattern, similar to the mortality rate of a spore population. Its presence and activity can be measured using a fast and sensitive luminescence test. These characteristics make tAK an ideal substitute marker for monitoring bio-decontamination processes.

 Key advantages

Instant Results – The effectiveness of the biodecontamination process can be obtained in a few seconds, using a luminescence reader that provides RLU (Relative Light Units) data, which can be correlated with the logarithmic reduction achieved.

Accurate Data Capture – The luminometer provides quantifiable, linear data that provides the users with information substantially more valuable than the current BIs. EIs can act as early warning systems, enabling performance monitoring or threshold detection for cycle optimization.

Simple and easy to use – Enzyme indicators are simple and easy to use and can therefore be used regularly by technicians and users in both hospitals and pharmaceutical industries.

Audit Process Support – Validation with enzyme indicators provides the information needed to pass an audit process quickly and easily and meet regulatory scrutiny.

Reliability – EIs have a low level of variability between batches and therefore do not give false positive problems (rogue BIs).

VH2O2 Cycle Development – When used in the early stages of cycle development, it allows to quickly detect, in a matter of seconds, the points of least exposure to hydrogen peroxide and get an accurate idea of the level of decontamination achieved by that process.

VH2O2 Cycle Validation – Enzyme indicators can be used to validate biodecontamination cycles by correlating them with a biological indicator of reference. Once the correlation is established, the enzyme indicator will provide results much faster, reliably, and safely, without the risks of false positives distorting the process.

Routine Monitoring of VH2O2 Cycles – Once the cycle is validated, if you want to have a test of the performance of each cycle at the most critical points, it will be possible to get it instantly thanks to its great speed. This practice is absolutely recommended when environmental conditions vary from cycle to cycle or the dosage to be used is a function of them.