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Biodecontamination of cleanrooms and laboratories

Biodecontamination of cleanrooms and laboratories


Pharmaceutical production areas or biotechnology laboratories require the establishment of strict contamination control procedures. Understanding that contamination control must be, above all, a preventive measure, the cleaning and disinfection processes have to be very well performed. Even so, and because they are typically executed manually, unexpected increase of microbial load may arise, posing a risk for the quality. The execution in regular basis of airborne disinfection processes by VH2O2 would be a good way to prevent these risks.

Outsourcing decontamination can be a good solution for cases in which there has been some intervention in the room (new installation, maintenance, etc.) or simply as a preventive measure, done in an annual or bi-annual basis.

Netsteril offers airborne VH2O2bio-decontamination services either on an ad hoc basis or via a contract arrangement based on customers’ ongoing decontamination requirements. We provide fully documented reports ensuring the traceability of the procedures and their compliance with to the pharmaceutical or applicable regulations.

When is it required to perform decontamination of cleanrooms or laboratories?

The main sources of contamination are the ingress of people, equipment and materials as well as leakages, loss of integrity during power plant outages or even poorly maintained facilities.

Typically, it is required to carry out a full decontamination process on these cases:

  • After and/or before a production campaign.
  • After de-commissioning or commissioning of equipment installed in a room
  • Whenever viable counts during routine monitoring show persistently higher levels than normal.
  • After a facility has been shut down for routine maintenance, modification or refurbishment.