VH2O2 cycle development and validation

VH2O2 cycle development and validation

The validation of vaporised hydrogen peroxide biodecontamination processes, especially if you are not familiar with the technology, can be a significant challenge for the involved personnel.

Regarding the cycle development, having the know-how, understanding the process potential and limitations, is essential for the validation of the cycle. As production evolves, new challenges arise and at that point, not having an optimum cycle may compromise the yield of the plant.

The key to everything is having done a good study and applying an adequate safety margin that achieves a good balance between performance and risk control.

With all this in mind, Netsteril offers VH2O2 cycle development services. Our methodology takes advantage of the latest technologies such as Enzymatic Indicators from Protak Scientific and Peroxcap H2O2 sensors from Vaisala. Thanks to this, we can quickly and quantitatively determine the cycle parameters affecting the process such as the relative saturation point and the level of log-reduction reached on each position per cycle.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to support you in your VH2O2 validation processes and/or you want to learn about our technology.