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VH2O2 generation mobile unit for rooms or small enclosures Solidfog

VH2O2 generation mobile unit for rooms or small enclosures Solidfog

BRAND: Solidfog

Model: DosyMist®


The DosyMist® is the first generation of serial portable VH2O2 generators, which was launched by Solidfog in 2012. Since then, more than 600 units have been sold and successfully implemented for different applications requiring H2O2 airborne disinfection.

Most of our customers come from the pharma industry. It is because it has not only been designed to provide an excellent usability and versatility, but also to be a reliable and an easy validation system in life-science laboratories and the GMP production areas. The unit can work as a stand-alone system or connected via Ethernet to a central BMS for remote control.


  • Easy to handle (plug-and-play) mobile unit (it includes an air compressor).
  • Wide treatment volume capacities; from 2 up to 200 m3 (depending on log reduction challenge and architecture of application)
  • Use of non-proprietary and non-corrosive biocide solution (12% H2O2)
  • Atomizer with imbedded control which can be optionally placed in a distance position.
  • Biocide reservoir of up to 2L.
  • Reliable control system based in a PLC Siemens and Touch-screen HMI. Possibility of communication via Profinet/Profibus/WIFI
  • Digital registration of different variables that will ensure cycle has been properly performed

The DosyMist® can be applied for decontamination of all surfaces, up to a level of 6-log reduction or even more in:

  • Cleanrooms and sterile areas, MAL, PAL, etc.
  • Containment laboratories, infected rooms, etc.
  • Filling or processing machines within cRABS or oRABS
  • Pass-through hatches and Isolators

Existe un rango autoclaves de esterilización de tamaño estándar desde 216 hasta 2.592 litros de capacidad útil, pero SBM se especializa en la fabricación de soluciones a medida para cualquier tipo de carga.

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