///Integrated VH2O2 generation systems for large areas or equipment Soldifog
Integrated VH2O2 generation systems for large areas or equipment Soldifog

Integrated VH2O2 generation systems for large areas or equipment Solidfog

BRAND: Solidfog

Model: DosyMistCS®


CS stands for Centralised System so the DosyMistCS® is a solution designed to be installed in a technical room and capable of taking remote control over one or more points of injection. It is also possible an OEM version for integration with equipment such as Isolators, pass-boxes, MAL (Material Air-lock Chambers), etc.

The technical features are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry so it is possible to carry out cycle development and process validation quite easily and in relatively short time.

The DosyMistCS® is based on the DosyMist® product concept. The system is deployed in three different parts: the regulation box, which is housing the PLC and control devices, the weighing system to control the quantity of injection and the remote spray head/s.


High capacity: Since the unit is fixed in the technical area, the reservoir of biocide can be sized to treat large areas.

Customised scope: The atomisers can be installed at different fixed positions/rooms and pointing specific/different directions, as per layout conveniences.

Cycle control: The unit includes a load cell which allows to control the quantity of biocide to be injected by weight.

The key features of this product are:

  • Fixed unit installed above or nearby the technical area (it uses facility compressed air).
  • Wide volume range; from 5 up to 750 m3 per RSH (depending on log reduction challenge and architecture of application)
  • Use of non-proprietary and non-corrosive biocide solution (12% H2O2)
  • Load cell that allows controlling the quantity of injected biocide according to the cycle.
  • Biocide reservoir of up to 10L.
  • Reliable control system based in a PLC Siemens and Touch-screen HMI. Possibility of communication via Profinet/Profibus cables.
  • Digital registration of different variables that will ensure cycle has been properly performed
  • Auto check diagnostic
  • Data integrity check and possibility of 21CFR part 11 through customer facility.
  • Disinfection of cleanrooms and sterile areas, air-lock chambers, etc.
  • Decontamination of containment laboratories, infected rooms, etc.