///Automated handling of prefilled syringes Krysalid®
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Automated handling of prefilled syringes Krysalid®

BRAND: Krysalid ®


Krysalid® is a new and innovative solution to resolve problems encountered with the handling, transfer and transport of nest-and-tub pre-filled syringes. This solution will easily integrate into existing production lines and enable the automatic transfer, storage and/or transport of nest-and-tub syringes in a very clean, fast and gentle way. The solution is based on the combination of nest-and-tub support elements and some specific patented devices to facilitate the interface with both, humans and robots. By using these devices, the handling and logistic operations become gentle and the safety of the product (syringes, vials) will be ensured.

Krysalid® is the best solution for handling nested pre-filled syringes from sterile filling output to final palletizing without manual contact. You can easily implement it in inspection machines, labeling, terminal sterilization, storage, etc. in order to perform:

  • De-nesting y Re-nesting.
  • Transfer of nested syringes to sterilisation trays.
  • Loading and unloading of nested syringes or vials into sterilization racks or freeze-dryers.
  • Palletization of syringes in pallet-containers for storing, transfer and transport to different production areas, either inside or outside factory.


Combycover™: Tub syringe protection cover

This is a plastic cover that is placed on top of the tub, and serves as a lid. Its robust, universal design, enables stacking the tubs (regardless of the manufacturer) and placing them into a plastic Euro-pallet type container, without the risk of breakage while conferring stability.


Combypal™: Pallet container for nested syringes in tubs

This is a special container with capacity of 120 tubs, designed to enable safe, stable and reliable palletisation by means of stacking tubs using the Combycover™ solution.



Stericover ™: Nested syringes sterilization trays

It is a stainless steel tray, with a patented design, that can also be adapted to any kind of nest-and-tub (universal) and facilitates the operation of inverting the nested syringes orientation and easily load/unload them into a rack.  If the operation has to be made in automatic mode, then the Volcanorack™ has to be applied. This is a cart specially designed to allow safe, stable and reliable load/unload nested syringes supported in Stericover™ to/from the rail guides of the cart.


Volcanorack™: Sterilization cart

Special sterilization trolley to allow automatic loading and unloading of nested syringes in trays Stericover ™ accurately, safe and stable.