///PW/WFI storage and distribution Skids Neopure by Cifa Bosch Phamatec
PW/WFI storage and distribution Skids Neopure by Cifa Bosch Phamatec 2019-02-20T08:50:44+00:00

PW/WFI Storage and distribution skids Neopure by Cifa Bosch Phamatec

BRANDS: Neopure (by CIFA) Bosch Pharmatec


Netsteril offers its customers various possibilities for the integration and execution ofPW and WFI water generation, storage and distribution projects or pure steam networks under the “turnkey” modality. Netsteril, through its principal Bosch Pharmatec, can offer water generation equipment, both membrane technology and distillation. The rest of the project can come from the hand of Bosch or its partner for the Spanish market CIFA, a company specialized in this type of facilities and with its own qualified staff.

The storage and distribution skidsare perfectly designed for the production of purified water or water for injections (WFI) depending on a case by case basis. The design of the skid will be adapted to the peak demand, the isometrics of the piping system, the number of points of use, current or future needs, etc.

For the design and construction of the entire plant, all the necessary pharmaceutical guides for validation and applicable technical standards are followed (GMPs, USP, DIN EP, ASME, ISPE, etc.).

Netsteril, together with CIFA, can offer the following advantages:

  • Short delivery times adapted to the needs of the project
  • Integration of Bosch equipment, automation system, start-up and qualification with own personnel
  • Easy maintenance, with local and qualified personnel