///Over-pressure EO sterilisation chambers STERISYS
Over-pressure EO sterilisation chambers STERISYS 2017-05-25T11:50:41+00:00

Over-pressure EO sterilisation chambers STERISYS

BRAND: Sterisys



EO over-pressure sterilisation chambers are a good alternative for companies looking to bring back sterilisation in-house. Since the vessel construction is more expensive, these units are only affordable for relatively small production volumes. However, the overall layout and installation is simpler as it’s not needed to be ATEX rated. These units are installed in the primary packaging area instead of at the end of line. Carrying out sterilisation with primary packaging allows more permeability to the EO and the overall cycle times become shorter. Moreover, these units offer the possibility to sterilise high-sensitive products (i.e. circuitry based) which cannot be processed by radiation and might be damaged in vacuum conditions.

EO over-pressure sterilisation chambers can be used to sterilize the following loads:

  • Thermoplastic medical devices
  • Sutures, catheters, etc.
  • Plastic and glass pre-fillable syringes
  • Devices with batteries or circuitry (pacemakers, etc)