UV-LED light disinfection solutions

UV-LED light disinfection solutions

BRAND: Sterixene


Sterixene has the technology to develop tailor-made solutions for disinfection of air, surfaces, and various materials (powders, water, clear liquids, etc.) using ultraviolet LED lamps.

In general, continuous UV systems reach a maximum of 254 nm (mercury gas). The DNA of microorganisms has a maximum absorption of between 250 and 280 nanometres and, in this sense, continuous UV light bulbs have an ideal wavelength to produce a germicidal effect. However, the UV power of these lamps is often insufficient to achieve biodecontamination levels of up to 6-log on surfaces and, furthermore, not all microorganisms react at the 254 nm wavelength and therefore cannot be inactivated. To maximize decontamination, several seconds of exposure are necessary, which leads to an increase in the temperature of the object to be treated and, to multiply the number of UV lights. Depending on which industrial applications, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, it is difficult to implement this technology for reasons of unattainable speed or performance, so alternative technology based on pulsed light becomes the best choice.

Sterixene offers you the possibility to study which technology best suits your needs and it is distinguished by its scientific approach and proven experience. Explain your need and we will advise you until we find the solution