Pulsed light disinfection solutions

Pulsed light disinfection solutions

BRAND: Sterixene


Sterixene has the technology to develop customized solutions for the disinfection of air, surfaces, and various materials (powders, water, clear liquids, etc.) using pulsed light lamps.

Pulsed light, as biodecontamination technology, was patented in the 80s in Japan by Hiramoto and extended in the United States in 1984. Since then, it has a long track record, and its application has been approved by the FDA in the food industry. In the pharmaceutical sector, it is beginning to be used for disinfection of objects and surfaces for now.

Pulsed light technology provides a broad-spectrum wavelength light source (180 Nm – 1100 nm). The combination of flashes and high intense UV light allows to rapidly achieve high levels of decontamination of all types of germs, even reaching 6-log reduction. The flash lasts a few hundred microseconds, it is fast and leaves no residue. It is especially effective against Aspergillus niger and all other lower layer organisms for which conventional UV methods are not effective. The electronic power device that supplies energy, and the light emitted by the flash, are two particularly important elements in a pulsed light system. The properties of the emitted flash strongly impact the results: the duration of the pulse, the shape of the electrical curve and the intensity, affect to the light spectrum and consequently, its germicidal effect.

Sterixene offers you the possibility to study which technology best suits your needs and is distinguished by its scientific approach and proven experience. Explain us your needs and we will advise you until we find the solution.

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