///Dry heat sterilization oven Lytzen ISO 7
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Dry heat sterilization oven Lytzen ISO 7

BRAND: Lytzen

Models: ISO 7


The dry heat sterilization ovens provide complete destruction of micro-organisms by means of a controlled temperature in a controlled period of time.

These ovens are designed without internal filters. Only filters on the air inlet and exhaust are necessary. The chamber construction and the sealing of the chamber guarantee that ISO Class 7 is obtained without use of internal HEPA-filters throughout the entire cycle. The absence of internal filters reduces the overall price for the depyrogenation oven considerably.

Dry heat sterilization ovens class ISO 7 are used for:

  • Empty glass containers: vials, ampoules, flasks, etc.
  • Metal containers, parts, etc.
  • Closed bottles with low aqueous liquids.