///Dry heat depyrogenation ovens Lytzen ISO 5
Dry heat depyrogenation ovens Lytzen ISO 5 2017-05-25T11:51:54+00:00

Dry heat depyrogenation ovens Lytzen ISO 5

BRAND: Lytzen

Models: ISO 5


Dry heat depyrogenation ovens provide complete destruction of micro-organisms and pyrogenes by means of a controlled temperature in a controlled period of time.

Ovens are critical equipment and in general terms, more complicated to validate than autoclaves. There are several more parameters to consider. Beside of Temperature distribution, where uniformity is far more difficult to achieve, an oven has to demonstrate consistency in airflow pattern, filter integrity and specially, in its ability of not generating particles by itself.  Therefore, the quality and the know-how in the design and construction of the oven become crucial for validation. Lytzen depyrogenation ovens are capable of performing ISO 14644-1 Class 5 up to 280 °C during all cycle phases: heating, sterilizing and cooling due to its unique chamber construction and filter suspension system.

Dry heat depyrogenation ovens class ISO 5 can be used for:

  • Empty glass (primary) containers: vials, ampoules, flasks, etc.
  • Metal containers, parts, etc.