Smart isolators

Smart isolators

BRAND: salamanderU


salamanderU studies your process in detail and designs customized gene therapy isolators for aseptic operations. Instead of using stainless steel, salamanderU uses a highly resistant acrylic resin (Polymethyl-metacrylate or PMMA). This material is far more versatile and easier to work than stainless steel, offering many design and construction possibilities.

Another state-of-the-art feature that salamanderU can offer is the implementation of smart electronic recording systems. Operations in an isolator have the difficulty of recording the executed steps on paper. This involves a lot of discomfort and extra-time. Through an innovative voice-controlled eBR (electronic Batch Record) system and a centralized control system, both execution of operations and critical environmental process parameters can be recorded. Production is therefore automatically registered in real-time, saving on personnel, time, and greatly reducing the risk of human error.

The key advantages offered by Polymethyl-metacrylate or PMMA isolators are:

  • This material allows any design thanks to its flexibility, so you can integrate all your process equipment: microscopes, incubators, bioreactors, centrifuges, etc.
  • It resists any decontamination products, no rust (significant impact when there are multiple cycles of VHP decontamination).
  • No welding is required
  • Roughness test compliant to standard
  • It can evolve with the need of the process development, it is not written in stone
  • These materials get older in a better way, auto-regenerated, easily to get back like new
  • 30% lighter
  • Magnetic detection compliant
  • Advanced therapies: gene and cell therapy, regenerative therapies, etc.
  • Aseptic processing in pharma GMPs: filling, sterility testing, compounding, etc.
  • R+D in Life-sciences