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Powder product dispensing isolators

Powder product dispensing isolators CSV Containment

BRAND: CSV Containment

BRAND: Drum Iris System


Faced with a specific problem, raised by a client, there emerged a need to couple drums for a charging system to dispense an anti-acid product, but without using consumables. In other words going beyond the conventional bag in/bag out procedure, which involves containing the path between the drum and chamber by means of a polyethylene tube that is stretched around the head of the drum (or the outer bag present in the drum itself) and coupled with the interface on the isolator chamber using O-rings. This operation, often laborious, involves the introduction of consumables and, especially in the case of large drums, requires the use of lifting devices and, above all, two operators. The separation is equally laborious, necessitating “manual” compression of the plastic containing the path and its separation by means of “crimping” systems; in some cases, in place of the costlier crimping systems, sets of dual clamps are used instead, although this results in significant losses and there- fore lower performance levels.

In order to solve this problem, CSV Containment developed the Drum Iris system, a double iris diaphragm interface. It fits between the drum and the insulator, as if it were a pass-box, but it is cylindrical, instead of square, which is easier to use with drums. Initially, CSV thought that the previous interface could be developed using commercially available valves. However, during the course of the project, it became evident that it required diameters and materials that are not available in the market, and therefore designed this system, which is under patent application. At present, CSV can make diaphragms with diameters of up to 700 mm, useful for 200 liter drums, but the great advantage is that the Drum Iris System can be used in all drums with smaller diameters. The double elastic barrier sealed to the drum, between the outside and the insulator, allows minimizing the surface of the drum that comes in contact with the chamber and automate, without introducing consumables, the operations of loading and emptying the drum..