Smart isolators

Voice-controlled electronic batch records for isolators

BRAND: SmartReg eBR by salamanderU


For their isolators, and also for any operations performed in cleanrooms, salamanderU can offer the implementation of smart electronic batch records system based on voice-control, so-called SmartReg. It is the first advanced therapies isolator with patented voice-controlled eBR in the world.

Operations in an isolator have the difficulty of recording the executed steps on paper. This involves a lot of discomfort and extra-time. Through an innovative voice-controlled eBR (electronic Batch Record) system and a centralized control system, both execution of operations and critical environmental process parameters can be recorded. Production is therefore automatically registered in real-time, saving on personnel, time, and greatly reducing the risk of human error.

SmartReg Digital & Artificial Intelligence are your best levers for productivity, providing you:

  • Manage and record your process in real time. Reduce administrative operations so increases personnel efficiency
  • Right first-time improvement: Guides the operator in the protocol operations to avoid error
  • Headcounts saving during operations and BR review. Less high-qualified personnel are needed
  • Multiple interaction: data capture, management of equipment, direct and delayed answer/collect of data.
  • Full traceability
  • Connectivity with manufacturing equipment, QC, environmental monitoring, and ERP systems possible
  • GAMP5 and CFR21 Part 11 compliant