Vial capping machines

Vial capping machines

BRAND: Steriline

Models: VCM Series


The Steriline VCM aseptic capping machinesseries have been designed for processing vials and/or cartridges, typically from 2 ml up to 100 ml vials with minimal format changes and with production speeds from 3000 up to 24000 vials per minute, according to vial size.

Key features of this series are:

  • Linear transport system and reduced footprint, suitable for the application of RABS and Isolators.
  • Capping station designed to reduce particles generating, vials rotation from the top with adjustable speed.
  • Sealing blades parameters adjustable via HMI.
  • Continuous monitoring of the viable and non-viable particles.
  • Sealing of flip-off or tear-off caps.
  • Sealing pressure control and monitoring.
  • Closing with screw caps with torque control and monitoring and press-on caps available.
  • Stoppers and caps check with vision system.
  • Easy access and format change for efficient operation with reduced downtime.