///Robotised external descontamination machines
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Robotised external descontamination machines

BRAND: Steriline

Models: EDM-RHP Series


The Steriline EDM external decontamination robotised machinesseries have been designed for processing vials, ampoules and/or cartridges, typically from 2 ml up to 500 ml vials with minimal format changes and with production speeds up to 6000 vials per minute, according to vial size.

Key features of this series are:

  • Designed for washing vials with high pressure fluids.
  • Vials transport with SCARA robot, brand Denso.
  • Maximum of 10 vials involved in washing.
  • Minimum format parts and electronic adjustment of all parameters for different vial sizes.
  • Detergent/Inactivation Agent washing available as option.
  • Compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.