Dry heat depyrogenation tunnels

Dry heat depyrogenation tunnels

BRAND: Steriline

Models: Serie ST


The Steriline ST series laminar flow depyrogenation tunnels have been designed for processing vials, ampoules and/or cartridges, with a continuous process maintaining an ISO5 environment throughout the length of the length of the three chambers of the tunnel: inlet chamber, hot chamber, cooling chamber.

The improved design allows higher production speeds, very compact dimensions, energy savings and a better control of the process parameters such as the air speed in the hot chamber and the pressure differential between the cooling chamber and the inlet chamber.

The Steriline ST depyrogenating tunnels are appropriate for any production requirement from very compact tunnels to biggest models for very high speed production. The thermal cycle is designed to assure a pyrogens reduction of 3 or 6 log, minimum.

The Steriline ST depyrogenating tunnels are designed and built in full compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.

Automatic air balance, air speed monitoring and automatic adjustment, conveyour belt cleaning system, doors’ position monitoring, pipes for DEHS test and particles control, sterilisable cooling chamber, etc.