///High-Pressure Mobile Washer IWT M-Line
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High-Pressure Mobile Washer IWT M-Line


Models: M-Line


The M-Line mobile washer is a stand-alone unit with a high pressure water gun for cleaning several kind of processing equipment. Rinsing with cleaning media at pressure values as high as 80 bar (adjustable) result in a very high and efficient mechanical action (like a mechanical scraping of the surfaces) which gives outstanding cleaning results also on the worst case scenario (hydrophobic compounds) as well as allow to speed-up the cleaning process whilst minimizing the water consumption.

Main features of this equipment are:

  • Built of AISI316L, cGMP and FDA compliant
  • Washing pressure range from 20 up to 80 bar
  • Reduced detergent and water consumption
  • Equipped with hydro-kinetic water gun
The M-Line mobile washer can be applied for:

  • Cleaning of Mixers, Blenders Coating machines, etc.
  • Cleaning (and drying) of the internal surfaces of IBCs, bins and drums.