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High-Pressure Cabin Washer IWT C-Line


Models: C-Line


The C-Line high-pressure cabin washer is a unit for the cleaning of containers and bins requiring both internal and external cleaning (and drying) out of place. Rinsing with cleaning media at pressure values as high as 80 bar (adjustable) result in a very high and efficient mechanical action (like a mechanical scraping of the surfaces) which gives outstanding cleaning results also on the worst case scenario (hydrophobic compounds) as well as allow to speed-up the cleaning process whilst minimizing the water consumption.

Main features of this equipment are:

  • Built of AISI316L, cGMP and FDA compliant
  • Available in three different sizes: small/medium/large
  • Washing pressure range from 20 up to 80 bar
  • Telescopic orbital nozzles
  • No water recirculation and self-cleaning function

The C-Line high-pressure cabin washer can be applied for:

  • Internal and external cleaning (and drying) of IBCs, bins and drums.
  • External cleaning (and drying) of Pallets.