GMP Washers IWT W200-W300

GMP Washers IWT W200-W300


Models: W200 y W300


The W200 and W300 GMP washers series are pharmaceutical grade washers designed for COP (Cleaning out of place) of product (API) contact parts following industry standards and guidelines such as GAMP5, cGMP, ASME-BPE, ISPE Baseline and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

It is an indispensable asset for those companies who like to eliminate the manual cleaning of the tools and the dismountable parts of their processing equipment. This approach to the cleaning procedures allow a rapid return on investment (ROI) thanks to the optimization of the labour, the running costs and the increased safety for the operators. Automated cleaning procedures also bring all the benefits related to a reliable and validated process which is fully automated and traced for the peace of mind of the QA departments as well as an overall increase of the quality of the product released to the market (no risk of cross contamination between batches).

Typical applications of these GMP washers are the cleaning (and the drying) of:

  • Compressing tools,
  • Dosing pumps either from suppository and filling lines,
  • Flexible hoses
  • Miscellaneous of tools like tri-clamps, bailers (from the weighing area), valves, filling needles, hoppers
  • Feeding systems of the various equipment and any other component that require disassembly for cleaning.


Un rango de lavadoras GMP de tamaño estándar está disponible:

  • Dos modelos W200 de 400 y 800 litros de capacidad
  • Tres modelos W300 de 250, 500 y 1000 litros de capacidad

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