Netsteril deals with international leading brands in equipment in the field of medical device, pharmaceutical industry and life sciences.

Our principals are distinguished by their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality and innovation. We work closely with them to offer the best solution to your needs and develop long-term relationship with you.

One of our hallmarks is our wide and global view of the business. We have extensive experience and a broad knowledge of the industry rules, so that we can anticipate and offer the latest trends and advances in technology, equipment and applications.

We are assertive and transparent. We believe in honesty and integrity as basic principles to establish relationships with a common goal: achieving the best results for all parties.


Syntegon is the new brand of the former entire packaging & process division of the German group Robert Bosch, which since January 2020 has spin-off from Bosch and now operates as an independent company. The company has born as a consolidated industrial group, with a number of 64,000 machines sold in the market, 6,100 employees, 2,000 registered patents, clients in 140 countries and 30 headquarters between factories and offices.

Netsteril, S.L. is the representative in Spain only for product lines strictly related to Process Technologies, specifically:
• Sterilization: GMP pharmaceutical sterilizers such as steam autoclaves, air+steam autoclaves and superheated water autoclaves
• Bioprocess & High Purity Media systems: Water Distillers, Pure Steam Generators, Purified Water and Water For Injection Generation and Distribution Systems, Bioreactors, etc.

In addition, Netsteril, S.L. offers, through its associated company CIFA – Consultoría e Instalaciones Farmacéuticas y Alimentarias, technical services for these two product lines including installation, commissioning and qualification, with qualified personnel, both locally and internationally.
The Sterilization and Bioprocess & High Purity Media product lines have offices with factories in Ternitz (Austria) and Dresden (Germany).

Here is a brief history of each of them:

SBM – Sterilization Product Range

The Sterilization division comes from the acquired company SBM – Schoeller Bleckmann Medizintechnik – one of the worldwide leaders in pharmaceutical sterilisers. In Spain, it has references with some multinational companies manufacturing large volume parenteral solutions.
The story of SBM in this sector starts in 1972 with the taking-over of TechnoMedica, company owned by Dr. Kalasek, the inventor and patent holder of the Steam+Air Mixture Process.
SBM has more than 45 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and delivery of autoclaves for the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmatec – Bioprocess & High Purity Media Product Range

At Syntegon, Pharmatec in Dresden (Germany) is the competence center for pharmaceutical process systems and plants to produce liquid active substances or medicinal products. In addition, Pharmatec develops and manufactures complete systems for generation, storage and distribution of high purity media for the pharmaceutical use and the biotechnology industry.


IWT stands for Italian Washing Technology and as its name says, it is specialised in the design, manufacture and installation of washing systems. The company, founded more than 20 years ago as cleaning solutions division within Tecniplast group, the world leader in laboratory equipment for animal research, is today a benchmark in GMP Pharmaceutical industry applications.
The manufacturing facility at Casale Litta, nearby Milan-Malpensa international airport, has expanded progressively and now exceeds 8000 m², including an area over 1000 m² for training and showroom.  The production plant has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities such as laser cutters, orbital pipe and robotised tubular welders, etc. A fully automated warehouse system and 3D design technologies complement our advanced operations and make IWT an innovative partner, combining quality and flexibility.
IWT washing solutions reflect a remarkable commitment to manufacturing quality, from the gleaming cabinet work, the consistent care in assembly, to finely polished welds, rounded edges and self-draining pipe-work preventing dirt traps and water stagnation. Only the finest components on the market are chosen, including industrial PLCs, flow meters, pneumatic valves, tri-clamp connections and sanitary pumps, as required.
Our field of expertise ranges from the most simple glassware washer all the way through a full cGMP product (API) contact parts washers as well as high pressure washing solutions for bulk containers and CIP applications for multiple processing equipment.


The roots of the company come from Techspray SPRL, a company founded in 2005 in Assesse (Belgium), with the initial purpose of developing spraying technologies for different markets and applications. By that starting times, GSK Vaccines in Belgium was looking for an alternative decontamination technology to the fumigation with formaldehyde. Techspray was the selected vendor and after a hard work of co-development with customer technical staff and users, they successfully validated our spraying technology for the bio-decontamination application in Pharma.

Today, under the brand name Solidfog, the company has the necessary foundations to expand internationally, offering one of the most interesting and original solutions designed for pharma industry, where GMP procedures and validation are the key factor. Their new facility is 100% focused in the research, development and supply of VH2O2 technology applied to biodecontamination. Their solutions are already used by top reference companies and sites worldwide with aseptic processing units such as GSK, Sanofi, Zoetis, Pfizer and Novartis among others.

Solidfog representada por Netsteril

STERISYS is a young and dynamic company offering an outstanding solution portfolio in two different domains: Industrial Sterilisation Equipment and Automatic Handling Systems for Prefilled Syringes.
STERISYS is market leader in Germany in the arena of EO industrial sterilisation plants with their leading technology and advanced solutions designed for the Medical Devices and Contract Sterilisation Organisations. Their holistic approach towards the EO sterilisation systems makes them different.  The production capacity of the sterilisation chamber, being the core element, is enhanced with pre-conditioning cells and degassing cells, which are installed and controlled as an integral part of the system. This approach offers greater capacity and flexibility while reducing capital expenditures and utility consumptions. Thus, STERISYS is not a mere manufacturer but a systems integrator supplying turn-key solutions.
In the industrial pharmaceutical sector, STERISYS develops, markets and supplies solutions for handling, transfer and transport nest-and-tub pre-filled syringes.


Same as other brands that we partner with, the Danish company Lytzen is the worldwide market leader in his field; the dry heat depyrogenation ovens for the pharmaceutical industry.
With more than 40 years’ experience, the key of their success has been its specialisation and their aim to meet the requirements from highly demanding customers. Lytzen has solely concentrated on heat treatment technology and its know-how about critical issues such as air flow control, attaining uniform temperature distribution and clean room classification of chambers is outstanding.
Lytzen’s long experience in construction with stainless steel for high temperature applications and their highly skilled welders allow them to manufacture unique ovens regarding lifetime and cGMP construction.


Steriline is an expanding European manufacturer founded in 1989 in the Lake Como area, nearby Milan, highly specialized in the production of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products, supplying pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Steriline is focused on the development of highly technological solutions for pharmaceutical liquid filling, providing tangible added value to customers looking for strong specificity combined to consistent quality. Steriline was the pioneer in the application of continuous washing and depyrogenation solutions to small and medium batch sizes. Today is at the vanguard of the application of robotised solutions for liquid filling processing.

One of the most strong points is their flexibility which is based on building a close partnership with customers, where dialogue is frequent, open and ongoing at all stages of product lifecycle, to provide the most effective responses to clients’ needs and the highest possible reliability in the long term.

Steriline representada por Netsteril

Protak Scientific Ltd is a UK-based company that is part of the Howorth Westbury Group – one of the oldest and most successful clean air technology companies in the world.

Protak Scientific was formed specifically to bring the new science of Enzyme Indicators to market. That market is predominantly pharmaceutical companies across the globe that are likely to appreciate the many benefits EI’s have over the traditional Biological Indicators.

Protak has been working closely with Public Health England (PHE) investigating tAK technology and agreeing terms to commercialise and introduce this revolutionary product to the world.

Public Health England was established on 1st April 2013, as an executive agency of the UK Department of Health, to bring together public health specialists from more than 70 organisations into a single public health service. With 5500 employees and £1 billion budget, Public Health England aims to protect and improve health and wellbeing; reduce health inequalities; provide a nationwide, integrated public health service; support people to make healthier choices; and provide expertise, information and intelligence.

Public Health England is committed to ensuring that its capabilities and discoveries are effectively developed and exploited in partnership with industry in order to benefit public health in the UK and globally. It has considerable experience of forming partnerships with industry (both major companies and SMEs) and of commercialising its Intellectual Property through licensing, forming joint ventures and creating spin out companies.

Public Health England, Porton Down (previously part of Health Protection Agency) contributes to health through the provision of services and expertise, including commissioned research programmes on microbial hazards and the maintenance of a capability to respond to future needs. It also has a proven track record in the pre-clinical development of enzymes, bio-therapeutic proteins and vaccine products.