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Solidfog launches two new solutions for VH2O2 biodecontamination

Solidfog, the Belgian manufacturer with important references in the pharmaceutical sector in equipment for decontamination with hydrogen peroxide, has launched two new equipment that complete its range of solutions; the Dosymist XL and the Neutramist.

The company began its international expansion in 2012 with its flagship product Dosymist, a VH2O2 decontamination unit designed specifically for the pharma industry and more than 600 units sold, some of them to pharma blue chip companies. It is a portable plug-and-play unit, very easy to use and versatile. It can be applied either for rooms’ disinfection or for any kind of enclosures: isolators, RABS, MAL, and even to decontaminate filters in biological safety cabinets. Each unit can handle volumes up to 200 m3. Solidfog recommends the use of solutions at low concentration, typically 12%, which can achieve perfectly reductions of 6-log reducing risks of corrosion and offering lower toxicity and persistence in the environment. The success of this equipment and the technology used has led Solidfog to develop new solutions to complete the range.

The Dosymist XL uses the same fogging technology but offers much more capacity. It is designed to treat rooms or spaces much more voluminous, of up to 750 m3 per unit. The Neutramist is the ideal complement for the aeration phase. It is a unit that catalyses hydrogen peroxide for a while before starting the room’s own ventilation. This significantly reduces cycle times. The main novelty of the Dosymist XL is that it is a device that controls the amount of biocide to be injected through a load cell. It also offers very good performance in terms of portability and usability.

Photo: Solidfog Dosymist XL unit during injection phase of a VH2O2 decontamination cycle.


As for the Neutramist, it uses a catalyst that offers no wear. It is a ceramic honeycomb panel coated with a product that reacts with the H2O2 and breaks the molecule into H2O and O2. Solidfog can offer, besides these standard solutions, all kinds of adaptations to the needs of its customers such as applications in isolators, Pass-through hatches or even fixed installations for rooms in production areas or laboratories.

Foto: Equipo Neutramist (a la izquierda) para catalizar el H2O2 extraído de la cabina durante la descontaminación de los filtros de una cabina de seguridad biológica. El equipo de la derecha es un Dosymist.

Foto: Neutramist unit (left) to catalise the exhausted H2O2 from the Biosafety Cabinet during the decontamination of filters. The equipment on the right is a Dosymist.


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