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Netsteril, new partners and challenges 2021

The company focuses its business strategy on emerging markets and technologies such as those in the fields of advanced therapies, bioprocesses, biodecontamination and biosecurity. 

Netsteril starts 2021 with relevant news. The company keeps its mission to act as safe bridge between its customers and its partners-suppliers, looking to differentiate with high added value proposals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

New production technologies in advanced therapies, bioprocessing and biosafety

In this regard, Netsteril aims to deepen relationship with companies with innovative mindset, attracted by new production technologies 4.0, especially in those related to advanced therapies, bioprocessing and biosafety. For this reason, Netsteril has signed agreements with two new principals, salamanderU (www.salamanderu.com) and Sterixene (www.sterixene.com), which are high innovative companies with solutions for these emerging markets:

  • salamanderU is a Belgian company formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals that offers comprehensive solutions for the industrialization of clinical processes and advanced therapies. Their isolators combine total custom-made design integrating production equipment thanks to acrylic resin material used and the voice-controlled electronic batch record systems. This concept represents a very high leap towards automation, productivity, and headcounts down-size, coining the name Smart Isolators. Indeed, we have already signed with them a contract for the supply of 5 isolators to a major Basque biotech gene therapy that will soon be delivered.

salamanderU logo next to representative image of one of its solutions for the industrialization of clinical processes and advanced therapies

  • On the other hand, Sterixene, a French based high-tech company specialized in rapid biodescontamination with pulsed light and UV-LED has also signed an agreement with Netsteril. Its solutions can be adapted as components by machinery manufacturers or directly implemented by their users, in sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and/or medical-healthcare.

Logo Sterixene above representative image of one of its rapid biodecontamination solutions with pulsed light and UV-LED

Acquisition of new VH2O2 generation equipment to enhance biodecontamination services

Finally, in the biosafety field, Netsteril is committed to investing in biodecontamination services with the acquisition of new VH2O2 generation equipment and has acquired a new Dosymist unit to Solidfog. Netsteril also distributes Protak enzyme indicators for the development, monitoring and validation of VH2O2 cycles. Their solutions in the field of rapid microbiology are called to become the alternative to biological indicators, which require up to 7 days to confirm results. The use of this technology allows to perform cycle developments and validations much faster and more reliably, so it is ideal for ad-hoc decontamination services, which require to quickly ensure the biosafety of the installation right after performing the cycle.

All this makes Netsteril ready to become your reference partner, especially in everything related to biodecontamination and aseptic processes within the biopharmaceutical sector.

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Written by JORDI NET

Degree in Biochemistry at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, 1985-1990 and Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ESADE, Barcelona.

Expert in sterilisation technologies: Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2),EtO Sterilization and Moist Heat Sterilization.