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Enzyme Indicators: Free Webinars


Indicador Enzimàtic

Enzymatic indicators are called to be the alternative to biological indicators to validate biodecontamination processes by vaporized hydrogen peroxide VH2O2.

In fact, although Bacillus stearothermophilus is used in the pharmaceutical industry as the reference biological indicator for ad-hoc validations, it is not exactly the most resistant spore to hydrogen peroxide In fact, the Bacillus stearothermophilus spore, used in the pharmaceutical industry as a biological reference indicator for ad-hoc validations, is not exactly the most resistant to hydrogen peroxide. It has become the standard because it was already marketed for steam sterilization, making it readily available in different populations. In addition, it is not pathogenic, it grows relatively quickly (in 24-48 hours it can give indications, although it is officially necessary to wait 7 days) and it is incubated at 55⁰C (which helps to rule out false positives). However, it has some limitations and being aware of this, it is essential….

Validació amb indicador enzimátic

VH2O2 cycle validation process with enzyme indicators

These indicators are based on an enzyme that degrades exposure to hydrogen peroxide following the same mortality pattern as a spore population. To determine the level of decontamination (or degradation), the strip exposed with the enzyme is mixed with a reagent and introduced into a device that measures the intensity of light generated. The intensity measurement of this light is inversely proportional to the level of decontamination. This technology has a high degree of reliability, gives the result immediately and quantitatively, and the results can be correlated with levels of logarithmic reduction of between 3 and 9 logs.
In these three seminars you will be able to learn this technology and assess what advantages and benefits it could bring in your own case.



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