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Bosch Packaging Technology is now Syntegon

Surely you will have heard it during 2019. The German group Bosch has sold its entire Packaging Technology division to an investment group and it has become an independent company.

Bosch Packaging Technology ahora in now Syntegon. Syntegon is the name chosen as the company’s brand. The company has born as a consolidated industrial group, with a number of 64,000 machines sold, 6,100 employees, 2,000 registered patents, clients in 140 countries and 30 sites between factories and offices.

The brand name wants to reflect fundamental aspects in technological advancement such as the search for synergies within the group (SYNergy), its focus on technology (TEchnology) and the proactivity to create a better future (Go ON).

The square of the logo wants to simply represent the importance of packaging as a media to protect the product.

Key of this change to Syntegon

Some of the keys that we can tell you about this process of change are:

  • The transaction has been completed according to the scheduled calendar and business development remains stable
  • The new brand aims to give new momentum and focus on a mission: to develop processing and packaging technologies for a better life
  • By ceasing to be a division, newly discovered independence allows greater flexibility
  • Companies will focus on smart and sustainable technologies, moving towards a 4.0 industry.

Netsteril is the representative of Syntegon in Spain

As for the representation in Spain, everything remains the same. Netsteril is the representative in Spain exclusively for the product lines related to Process Technology, specifically:

Sterilization: GMP pharmaceutical sterilizers such as: steam autoclaves, steam+air mix autoclaves and superheated water shower autoclaves

Bioprocess & High Purity Media systems: Distillers, Pure Steam Generators, PW purified water generation and distribution plants and for WFI Injectables, Bioreactors, etc.

Moreover, Netsteril offers, through its associated company CIFA – Consultoría e Instalaciones Farmacéuticas y Alimentarias -, technical services for these two product lines including installation, commissioning and IQ / OQ qualification, with our own qualified personnel, and with the capacity to operate both locally and internationally.

The Sterilization and Bioprocess & High Purity Media product lines have offices with factories in Ternitz (Austria)

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Written by JORDI NET

Degree in Biochemistry at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, 1985-1990 and Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ESADE, Barcelona.

Expert in sterilisation technologies: Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VH2O2),EtO Sterilization and Moist Heat Sterilization.